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Plant & Equipment GPS Tracking

Monitor & track your fleet, heavy equipment, trucks & trailers

GPS Tracking Software

A better way to gain real-time visibility of your plant & equipment

GPS Tracking Software for heavy plant (construction equipment) & industry components that enables you to monitor a diverse fleet of vehicles or plant to improve accountability, safety, service and reporting abilities. Gain key insights into productivity, fuel usage, routes, maintenance, and vehicle/plant performance. Theft of construction equipment can hurt your bottom line.

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Effective Tracking

Simplify the way you track your vehicles and equipment. Track365 is the most cost-effective and efficient way to access essential information regarding your fleet's location and performance.

Theft Recovery

Find out where your vehicles and pieces of equipment are—no matter how they got there. Track365 enables you to pinpoint the location of your assets so you can recover your stolen property.

Accurate Timesheeting

Know when your fleet starts working, remains idle or completes a job. Track365 ensures accurate timesheeting by tracking how your operators use your equipment and your vehicles at all times.

Preemptive Maintenance

Receive alerts when your vehicles or equipment require maintenance. With Track365, you'll know which assets need to be serviced in the near future so you can plan repairs and schedule accordingly.

Safe Driving

Be aware of the harsh driver behavior that negatively impacts your bottom line. Track365 informs you when operators are speeding, idling too long, accelerating too rapidly or breaking suddenly.

Custom Features

Customise your solution. Tailor Track to meet your needs with additional features including fuel or temperature sensors, Driver ID functionality and integration with Allocate and Maintain.

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