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Asset Maintenance & Servicing

Safe & Reliable Equipment
is Better Equipment

Be in control of your assets maintenance

Ensuring your plant & equipment is serviced and maintained on time and ready for use

Improve your equipment reliability and utilisation, track scheduled maintenance and always know what maintenance costs are coming up. Ensure all of your vehicles and pieces of equipment are getting the right service at the right time and track unexpected repairs to accurately determine how cost effective your equipment is.

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Preventative Maintenace

Gain advance knowledge of when your fleet will require servicing. With Maintain365, you'll know when each of your vehicles will need future repairs and routine maintenance so you can schedule in advance.

Increased Labour Productivity

Promote staff-wide productivity. Maintain365 streamlines behind-the-scenes processes that manage the creation and execution of work orders and allow your staff members to schedule their time effectively.

Minimise Breakdowns

Arm yourself with the knowledge to protects your fleet. Maintai365 ensures that each of your vehicles receive individualised services when they need them, decreasing the risk of unexpected breakdowns.

Better Budgeting

Track your expenses easily so you can budget more effectively. Maintain365 provides visual reports that include information such as the estimated vs. actual cost for each one of your work orders.

Simplified Inventory

Keep track of your equipment, parts and labour. Maintain365 displays your inventory so you can be sure you have all of the tools you need to maintain your fleet of vehicles and effectively utilise personnel.

Safety Monitoring

Be assured that you're operating within designated safety parameters. Maintain365 collects all essential safety and environmental documentation so you don't have to go digging when you're due for an audit.

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