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Coast 2 Coast Earthmoving

Major Queensland earthmoving company rolls out Operator365 to all their operators

When Coast2Coast Earthmoving first opened its doors on the Gold Coast in 1966, the family-owned company was a humble business with a small fleet. Fifty-five years later, it boasts the most comprehensive fleet of earthmoving machinery in South East Queensland with over 200 operator-owned machines.

Given the wide scope of its operations, Coast2Coast Earthmoving has worked closely with 365 Software for several years to automate its business processes. After using Allocate365 for eight years, the company decided to take the leap and make Operator365 compulsory for all its operators in 2021.

WHS & Compliance Coordinator Shai Griffiths knew the transition process would have to be handled delicately to ensure subcontractor compliance and satisfaction. We chatted to her about how Coast2Coast planned the roll-out and how it went…

365 Software: Thanks for chatting to us today, Shai! How did you plan the rollout of Operator365 for all your subcontractors?

Shai Griffiths: Early last year, we told our operators that the mobile docket facility was available through the Operator365 app and that they could take it up if they wished. We got about 20 operators on board initially and stayed at that number for about six months.

This allowed us to troubleshoot any issues that came up and work with 365 Software to incorporate any necessary changes to suit our specific business processes. The 365 Software team were supportive in helping us make all the adjustments we needed and keeping the initial number of mobile docket users low proved to be a wise choice.

In November 2020, we put out a notice that we would be introducing compulsory mobile docketing for all subcontractors on February 1, 2021 for machines and March 1, 2021 for trucks.

We explained that we were doing this to ensure more accurate docketing information, reduce time delays with late paperwork, improve our processing proficiencies and invoicing time, and support the environment as there would be less paper usage.

But the advantages weren’t just for us – the subcontractors benefited from the facility too. Prior to mobile docketing, they had to complete a paper docket, then write out a day sheet and prepare an invoice. If they didn’t hand this in to their closest C2C branch weekly, they had to either post it or scan and email it in, which was not only costly but time-consuming also. Some of the biggest subcontractors would spend an hour or more writing out all their paperwork on the weekend. With the mobile docketing facility, they don’t have to.

365 Software: Did all your subcontractors agree to get on board when you announced Operator365 would be compulsory?

Shai: While 80 percent of our subbies took it up happily, there was a 20 percent pushback. Most of the pushback was a result of the fact that we were initially going to charge a small monthly fee for the mobile docketing facility. The other reason was change in general. Some of our older subbies were concerned about using technology and thought they would need to buy expensive new phones or tablets to run the app.

Even though most of our subbies were happy to pay the small monthly charge because it saved them so much time on paperwork, I’m pleased to announce that the company made the decision to now offer the facility for free.

Before we went to live mobile docketing on February 1, 2021, I ran test jobs through for everyone so they could get a feel for how the process was going to work and ask any questions. We have offered our team of subcontractors a lot of support throughout the whole process and once a few of them jumped on board and felt positive towards the change, the word quickly spread. When February 1 rolled around, they were quite confident to move forward.

All in all, the roll-out has worked out well. The 365 Software team have been great at facilitating any changes for us and the process is improving every day.

365 Software: Would you recommend Operator365 to other plant hire companies?

Shai: I absolutely would. 100%.

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